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Quad Video HALO Technology™

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler Offers the Quad Video HALO Technology™

If you have suffered from a work injury, home injury or a motor vehicle accident in East Texas and need assistance with your medical records and pain management injection proof, the Quad Video HALO Technology™ available at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler can help.

The Halo Technology is a patent pending, aftermarket system of both hardware and software along with a device that securely clamps to both old and new fluoroscopic guidance systems. In addition, the Halo Technology is made up of four high resolution cameras that record and capture the actual injection process administered by our physicians, Dr. Fults and Dr. Islam.

As the pain management injection process is being completed, the software outputs the recording into a tamper proof DVD that can be attached to any medical record. This technology allows East Texas patients data transparency, resulting in highly effective court outcomes and expedited case settlements.